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My Life as Author

A warm welcome to my author’s website 🙂

On these pages I would like to introduce you to my book series, audio drama series and audiobooks. I started my journey as an author in 2010 with my work on „Sternenfaust“. This has taken me on an exciting journey full of highs and lows. I went from working for Bastei Lübbe and Pabel Moewig to writing my own series in various genres.

If you want to meet me in person you usually get the chance at Leipzig Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair. You can find me at the Greenlight Press booth. In addition, there is the occasional Meet & Greet Tour in Germany. Where exactly? This will always be announced in advance through my various social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, …).

Here you will find all information about my life’s journey, my past and present projects as well as events and a round-up of my press interviews. Scroll down to find a first overview here on the start page.

Have fun looking around 🙂

Awards & Nominations

A Legacy of Magic (Das Erbe der Macht)

+++Winner at Lovelybooks Reader`s Choice Award 2018+++
+++Winner of the Skoutz Award 2018+++
+++Silver and Bronze at Lovelybooks Reader’s Choice Award 2017+++
+++3rd place at Buchliebling 2016 in the category “What are you reading­?”+++
+++1st place on eBook bestseller list “Urban Fantasy”+++
+++Nominated for the German Phantasy Award (DPP) 2017 as “Best Series”+++

Heliosphere 2265

+++Nominated for Lovelybooks Reader’s Choice Award 2017 (Best Audio Drama) +++
+++2nd place at the German Phantasy Awards (DPP) 2016 as “Best Series” +++
+++1st place on eBook bestseller list “Military Sci-fi” +++
+++Nominated for the German Phantasy Award (DPP) 2017 as “Best Audio Drama” +++

Ein MORDs-Team

+++Nominated for the Lovelybooks Reader’s Choice Award 2017+++
+++Nominated for the Skoutz Award 2017+++
+++Nominated “Book of the Month” June 2018 at KindOfBook +++
+++1st place on eBook bestseller list “Crime” +++


November 2018

Andreas Suchanek (Gesuchanekt) – The new App

Get the new App “Andreas Suchanek – Gesuchanekt” for free on the AppStore (Apple, Android) now! Here you’ll find news, all event dates, pictures, videos and of course all bonus stories for my series “A Legacy of Magic”, “Heliosphere 2265“ and “Ein MORDs-Team”

Have fun with it 🙂

My Book Series

In addition to my work as a co-author for various series, I currently write and publish three book series of my own. I greatly enjoy my freedom to move between the different genres of my series. However, you can always expect the following:

  • Cliffhangers– “The End” will leave you swearing!

  • Multidimensional Characters– Nothing is as it seams

  • Twists– Nope, you will NOT see it coming.

I would be delighted if you were to sample my series. The eBooks are available for as little as €0.99 in all the common eBook shops. Naturally, all stories are published as hardcover collective volumes as well. You’ll find further details in the section “Books”.

An Overview

Everything began with Captain Jayden Cross, Noriko Ishida and the crew of the HYPERION.
On 1st November 2265, Captain Jayden Cross takes command of the HYPERION. Equipped with an innovative engine and the latest in offensive and defensive technologies, the ship is deployed to the focal points of the Solar Union.

On their very first mission the crew is led into a dangerous adventure. A recovery mission turns catastrophe. Surrounded by enemies, Captain Cross must make a grave decision which could decide over life and death, peace and war in the Solar Union…

Heliosphere 2265 was nominated for the German Phantasy Award (DPP) for „Best Series” three years running (2013, 2014 & 2015).

Mason, Olivia, Randy and Danielle are four teenagers as diverging as they could be. When Mason is wrongly accused of a crime, a cascade of events is set in motion which unites all four in friendship. Together they try to identify the mastermind behind the crime. During their investigations, the team come across a 30-year-old murder. They are shocked to learn that their parents are also part of the enormous mystery which stretches all the way into the present. They start investigating to answer the one question overshadowing everything: Who killed high school student Marietta King 30 years ago?

Human history as you know it, is a lie!

For over a century the Wall has been hiding the magic society from human eyes, ensuring peace and equality between magicians and humans alike. However, a war for dominance rages in the shadows. Jennifer Danvers is a Warrior of Light. When her friend and battle companion dies, a new descendant of the magic awakens in Alexander Kent and Jen has to introduce him to the world of magic.
Neither of them knows that the balance of power has been disturbed. Evil is gathering to smash the Wall to pieces once and for all.

Powerful spells, dangerous artefacts, antique catacombs and secret archives. The Warriors of Light and the Council of Light – Johanna of Orleans, Leonardo da Vinci and other big names of human history– stand strong against the powers of evil.


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